Whether it’s rebuilding the trust of a spouse or partner, learning how to communicate better in your relationship, managing life’s challenges, understanding troubling out-of-control sexual behaviors, or needing professional assistance on how to navigate alternative sexual lifestyles, such as Ethical Consensual NonMonogamous Relationships…we can help.

Individual therapy

Individual therapy is helpful and designed to help you sort through, identify and make sense of your emotions, thoughts and feelings. It will help you prepare for potentially the next curve ball that life may throw at you!

Couples therapy

Couples therapy can help all couples learn how to effectively communicate, clearly express thoughts and feelings without offending or attacking our partners.

Sexual Health

Sexuality is a reality of life. People often seek therapy for issues related directly or indirectly to sex. Talking about consensual sex and sexuality is often part of the experience of therapy.

Gay affirmative

Providing compassionate, safe, supportive, and confidential healing environment that promotes transformative growth and positive change, allowing clients to be their authentic self.

Sexual compulsions

Many people experience difficulty controlling their sexual impulses or compulsions, to a point that enjoyable and normal healthy behaviors become excessive, recurring, out of control, intense and distressing.

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I believe each individual is unique, strong and capable of healing change, when they have the right support. Free telephone consultation for new clients.  Joan Elizabeth Fink, M.S., NCC, LMHP, LPC,CST Board Certified Diplomate of The American Board of Sexology  and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist.

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