Gay Affirmative

I am a gay affirmative therapist, and I am open-minded to the relationships and experiences of each individual of the LGBTQ community. From my training and experience working with the LGBTQ community, I appreciate and respect that each person, relationship and situation is unique, and unlike relationships shared among heterosexuals.

I believe having a healing, affirmative stance about specific issues that gay and lesbians experience; helps relieve some of the distorted thinking that many of my gay and lesbian clients bring into therapy.

HIV Counseling

A diagnosis of HIV or AIDS affects people emotionally and psychologically as well as medically. I offer counseling to help these patients, their families, partners, and friends understand and cope with the issues surrounding their illness.

Therapy sessions focus on the mental health concerns and unique challenges associated with being HIV-positive.

People with HIV or AIDS often struggle with a broad range of emotions such as shame, depression, anxiety, grief, and anger. Left untreated, these problems can become overwhelming.

I provide a compassionate, safe, supportive, and confidential healing environment for my client’s that promotes transformative growth and positive change, allowing my clients to be their authentic self. Having the ability to share your deepest concerns takes an incredible amount of courage, and I respect and am honored to help you with your concerns.

Common Concerns Include:

  • Suppression of Sexual Identity Development
  • Understanding and Combating Heterosexism & Heterosexual Privilege
  • Stages of Coming Out & the Coming Out Process
  • Overcoming Humiliation, Shame & Victimization
  • Anxiety, Depression, Fear
  • Many other concerns….

Topics commonly explored in therapy include:

  • Learning to live again with HIV and AIDS
  • Being sexual
  • Empowerment and living effectively with purpose
  • Intimacy and relationships
  • Shame, guilt, depression, anxiety and adjustment issues
  • Changes in body image
  • Asserting yourself and your rights, finding your voice
  • Death and dying concerns
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