Out-of-Control Sexual Behaviors (OCSB) and Sexual Compulsions/Addictions

Often individuals seek therapy feeling stressed and anxious that their sexual behaviors feel  out of control. Many individuals “self-diagnose” themselves or their partners as sex addicts before getting an adequate assessment and diagnosis from a certified specialist.

Out-of-Control Sexual Behavior is a non-diagnostic term to describe men and women who experience significant problems with regulating their sexual thoughts, behaviors, urges and negative consequences.  Regardless of the incredible amount of distress, shame, fear, worry, and embarrassment individuals experience as a result…sexual urges and behavior become more difficult to regulate and manage.

Often the issue is not always the sexual behaviors, but rather one’s beliefs about your relationship to the sexual behaviors. Many people express their sexuality through kink and fetishist type behaviors which are often misdiagnosed as sexual addiction. 

Also many individuals and couples find that the use of porn in intimate relationships, or as a sexual energy release can look like porn addiction.

Joan helps individuals and couples sort through all of these thoughts and behaviors to determine whether or not there is a problem and help  guide them to a place of health for themselves individually and as a couple, in a safe non-shaming and non-judgmental environment. 

Many couples struggle with a partner who may be dealing with OCSB, as these behaviors are highly stigmatized, and they can create feelings of betrayal and resentment which affects the marriage and the relationship. Joan offers couples counseling to help couples resolve how the sexual behaviors are affecting their marriage.

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