Couples Therapy

Communication is often the key to healthy relationships whether dating, engaged or married. Many times I hear couples say how frustrated they are with their partner because they “don’t hear me!”

Couples therapy can help all couples learn how to effectively communicate, clearly express thoughts and feelings without offending or attacking our partners. Additionally, couples therapy can help each partner listen and truly understand what is being said, instead of formulating a quick rebuttal, they may regret later.

Successful couples therapy can help each couple improve their relationship in a safe, confidential and healthy environment. 

Common Concerns Include:

  • Physical Intimacy
  • Trust Issues – Establishing or Rebuilding
  • Learning how to communicate
  • Unhealthy Conflict Styles & Patterns
  • Feeling Unappreciated
  • Mid-Life Conflicts
  • Empty Nest Issues
  • Parenting Roles
  • Changing Expectations
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Divorce
  • Infidelity
  • Rediscovering Each Other Again
  • And many other concerns….
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